Dr Douglas to Abandon Blackberry in Favor of Samsung Note 7

Ms. Siobhon “Labafahevuh” Lows the acting Public Relations Officer of Propoganda (PROP) for the Labour Party issued the following statement.

“Dr. Douglas is currently on a voluntary sabbatical from the Office of the Prime Minister but he will return to his position when he is ready. Dr. Douglas once stated that he ‘ran the country from his Blackberry.’ In 2015 the very wise Dr. Douglas realized that the Blackberry was going out of vogue and that he would need to find a new replacement. In order to serve the citizens of The Federation he decided to step back from the Office of the Prime Minister and focus on finding a new electronic device for him to use to rule the country when he returns to the Office of the Prime Minister which is rightly his. But 20 years of service on one device is a good run.”

“Dr Douglas has been spending much of the last 3 years studying phones on Engadget and has determined that the best device to represent both is past accomplishments in St. Kitts & Nevis and enable his future actions is the Samsung Note 7. Dr. Douglas feels that the Samsung Note 7 fits his tenure just perfectly. Dr. Douglas also had considered an iPhone, but was upset over the fact that the i was lower case, and felt a mePhone would be a better name. Ultimately the Samsung Note 7 was selected because of its fiery personality and incendiary mode which matches his past reign.”

“He was initially upset that the Samsung Note 7 only accepts 2 SIM cards as he really wanted a phone that could hold 10 SIM cards, but finally Dr Douglas is ready for the next elections and is now just waiting for chicken kunumumu strupes auntie man Harris to ring the bell. Now tell us Ducktor Harris, do you have the bells or not? Show us your bells.”