Lives Lost


This page unfortunately is not satire.

Historical Numbers

St. Kitts and Nevis has a population of roughly 50,000. These murder stats regularly put SKN for per capita murder rate in the top 10 worldwide and often even the top 3. In 2011, SKN was #1 in the world.

201810 / 11? (To Date)

For 2016 the official count is 31, but we are using 32 to include the killing of our friend and police officer Brian Pacquette by another police officer who is now a fugitive and is in the United States.

Murders 2018 Forward

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YearDatePhotoNameAgeNews LinkSummarySolvedIsland
2018Jan 17Cleon Browne19WinnFMTargeted ShootingNoNevis
2018Jan 24Shirley Dawn Morton45SKN VibesDomestic ViolenceYesNevis
2018Jan 27Shaquille Pemberton23St. Kitts
2018Mar 1Jammyliah Finch21WinnFMDomestic Violence,
Hacked into pieces
YesSt. Kitts
2018Mar 1Naomi Finch18WinnFMDomestic Violence,
Hacked into pieces
YesSt. Kitts
2018Mar 2Mikelton Tyson26WinnFMShootingSt. Kitts
2018Mar 17Priston Joel Flemming22Targeted HitSt. Kitts
2018Mar 30Marlon James27ShootingNevis
2018Apr 22Adrian "Dully" Patrick23Multiple gunshot woundsSt. Kitts
2018May 3Police Sergeant Dwight Davis37Multiple gunshot woundsNoSt. Kitts