Amazon to Introduce Amazon GECHO

Amazon is reaching out the The Caribbean with a pilot program first available in St. Kitts & Nevis. The Amazon GECHO is similar to Amazon’s ECHO but with a Caribbean flair.

Instead of calling out “Alexa” or “Echo”, simply call out “Gecho” and the Amazon Gecho will respond. Users can ask Gecho a variety of questions:

User: Gecho can you hook me up with some herb?

Gecho: Yo, aye sure can! What strain mon?

User: I don care Gecho.

Gecho: Would you like to save 15% on your next herb delivery in just 5 minutes?

User: Not today Gecho…. Jus deliver me some herb and some salt fish please.

Gecho: Your delivery is on its way by mongoose courier. Check your window shortly.

User: Gecho, Play some rock music.

Gecho: I’m sorry Dave, I afraid I can’t do that. I will play some Marley instead.

User: Gecho, Traffic report please.

Gecho: Traffic is light, but with a heavy dose of bus holes on the road.

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