Dr Douglas Suggests Resuscitating Sugar Industry

Dr Douglas being in the opposition party has not slowed down his political ambitions and this week announced his plan to revitalize St Kitts economy after it nose dived into the ground under his watch. Dr Douglas announced that he will present a plan next week in lead up to the coming elections possibly in 2020.

Dr Douglas said, “Sometimes to move forward we have to look to the past. Everyone else is getting out of sugar and this opens up an opportunity for us. We are a small nation. Do we want to be a small nation in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? I say lets be a ten-fish in a small pond.”

When asked how the sugar industry would be funded and rebuilt as it would need massive investiture, Dr Douglas responded, “Why do you ask me about such things? Do you say I can’t do it? Money has never been a problem for me before. I will find it, you watch and see. There is a lot more land we can sell and there is also fishing rights. We can sell fishing rights to other nations and the put fisherman to work in the sugar industry. Only a person who doesn’t care about jobs for our people would ask me such a foolish question.”

“We know how to do sugar. We don’t need expensive retraining.”


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