Douglas Says He Would Have Passed IPL By Now

Denzil Douglas again is taking Team Unity to task, this time over The Integrity in Public Life Act (IPL).

In the years leading up to the 2015 election, Team Unity as the opposition constantly dogged Douglas about his failure to implement IPL and made it a central part of their campaign promise. Prior to the election Unity stated that they already had draft IPL legislation and were “ready to go.” Unity even attempted to introduce IPL legislation under Douglas in 2011.

“Two years pass already and they can’t even introduce IPL?” Douglas questioned. “What are they waiting for? I guess maybe FATCA is making it hard for them to hide their money and so they have to delay IPL. Unity jus moo-moo and chattin fart as usual. If I had won the 2015 election, I would have passed IPL by now. But Unity won, so don’t blame me for IPL not being passed.”

“If voters put Labour back in power in the next election I will pass IPL on day one. Not like these Unity jokers who chat IPL before the election and then forget about it after. I promised back in 1994 to pass IPL and I was just about to do it before voters foolishly turned the power over to Unity.”