Michael – Habitual Child Sex Predator

We take a departure from our satire for a VERY SERIOUS SUBJECT. This is REAL news. We realize these are serious charges and thus we provide you with all source material.

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Current Status

Michael the Molester is currently in Colombia. Read down for more information.

If you are in Colombia and have been sexually or otherwise involved in an illegal way with Michael, please contact us via our page. We are in frequent contact with Colombian authorities.


Michael Andreasen (birth name Michael Camilo Precht, or as we refer to him Michael the Molester) has been in St. Kitts for over a year living and working closely with young children. He is a repeat offender accused of performing sexual acts on hundreds of young women and girls as young as 12 in several countries. He has multiple charges and convictions.

Languages Spoken

English, Danish, Spanish, possibly others.


Michael regularly switches up his name to try to hide from his past. Some of the known names he has used are:

  • Michael/Michel Camilo Precht – Actual legal name
  • Michael/Michel Camilo Prech
  • Michael/Michel Camilo Prest
  • Michael/Michel Camilo
  • Michael Andreasen – The most common name he uses in St. Kitts.
  • Michael Andorson (New for 2019)
  • Michael Surfers
  • Michael Denmark
  • Michael Michael
  • Christensen – Could be used as first or last name.
  • Dijego Wilsson – Possible new alias being developed for use.
  • Tim Hansen
  • Others – Michael has so many we can’t list them all. Be aware he may identify by any name at any time but usually uses Michael as a first name.

Poses As

Doctor, Nurse, Modelling Agent, Physical Therapist, Dive Instructor, Personal Trainer, Researcher, Shark Expert, Yacht Captain, and…. drum roll please… Detective!!!! Second drum roll – Scandinavian Special Forces!

Frequent Crimes

Impersonation of a doctor or other professional, document forgery, petty theft, and his specialty – sexual assault (including violent).

Yachters Beware!

He is currently in St. Kitts but most certainly is looking to leave quickly. He does know how to sail and may try to hitch a ride or work on yachts. If you are a yachtsman especially in the West Indies – Please spread the word.

Countries & Locations With Reports of Sexual Misconduct Involving Michael

Australia (Weak indicator, possibly only considering), Austria, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ibiza, Malta, Norway, Peru, Spain (Barcelona), St. Kitts & Nevis, Sweden

Description & Biography

Ross University & AUC (St. Martin)

Michael has been banned from Ross University campus and events and there have been numerous (we’ve heard its hundreds) of complaints from female students. On May 19th a Ross Student went missing and a missing student alert was issued. The student was found to have been taken onto a boat by Michael with destination St. Martin. At St. Martin, Michael was turned away and has since returned to St. Kitts.

2011 to 2014 – Denmark

In Aug 2013 Michael was convicted of groping at least 27 young girls in Denmark and sentenced to prison time.

From the Malta Times article (linked later) it mentions his time in Denmark:

..may have as many as 200 victims in Denmark – some as young as 12.

..the man has been involved in more than 25 cases of indecent exposure to young and underage girls in Denmark, after having claimed to be, amongst others, a doctor, therapist, teacher and modeling agency caster.

According to a father of one Danish victim, Michael was also expelled from medical school in Denmark.

Station 2 in Denmark reports:

Michael Camilo Precht – also called “Stetoskopmanden” – behind violations of at least 38 women and girls down to 13 years of age under false medical examinations,……

Michael has been jailed several times in Denmark for the same offenses:

According to Danish media outlet TV2.dk, in August 2013, the 26-year-old was sentenced by a Danish court to three months in prison

He was later jailed in Denmark again for repeating the very same offenses.

More News

  • Sabine’s meeting with sexlægen – “In the summer of 2011, the now 23-year-old Sabine Fejerskov from Skive fooled into a false medical examination by a now 27-year-old man who comes from Skive.”

Stop Michael Precht says he is wanted currently in Denmark.

2014 – Norway

Little is known about his stay in Norway. According to a father of one victim, Michael was expelled from medical school in Norway. A Colombian news report says he was also expelled from Norway itself in 2014.

Stop Michael Precht says he has been banned from Norway for life. TV2 in Denmark confirms that Michael is banned for life from Norway. Another story from TV2 says he faces 11 years in prison if he returns to Norway. In a third report TV2 says he is banned forever from Norway.

2014 – Nepal

Michael is a con man well beyond sexual abuse. In 2014 he claimed to be an eyewitness and part of rescue work after an avalanche in Nepal and was quoted by news media outlets. This was later deemed to be false and news outlets had to issue corrections.

2014/2015 – Sweden

2015 – Malta

On Jan 25, 2015 Michael was charged with impersonating a doctor and for violent indecent assault of several women. He was issued 2 years in prison and a fine. He pleaded guilty and received a fine and a suspended sentence. Court Document

In addition to pretending to be a doctor, he also posed as a modelling agent. In Malta he was known as “Stethoscope Man“.

More Links

May 2015 – Barcelona, Spain

Little is known about his stay here, but several sources indicate he was here for a short time.

June 2015 – Buenos Aries, Argentina

Little is known about his stay here, but several sources indicate he was here for a short time.

2015 – Peru

More Links

  • Herning company abused by notorious sexkrænker – Michael Camilo Precht, who has violated a number of young girls accused falsely passing himself off as a representative of Nautic Surf & Ski in Herning and abusing the company’s name.

July 2015 to Jan 2016 – Colombia

Television channel TV2 exposed Michael’s sexual abuses in Colombia and he was arrested in Jan in Cartegena.

Precht had abused “at least 38 women and girls aged 13 years” who, according to Station 2 (TV2 of Denmark), offered them a job to attract them and then manipulated them under the pretext of making them “an assessment” Medical.


More Links

May 2016 (or earlier) to July 2017- St. Kitts

Michael arrived in St. Kitts around May 2016 and gave free swimming lessons to young children. After being fired for such complaints, he started his own business in St. Kitts called Shark Dive St. Kitts (Facebook page, website).

There are dozens if not hundreds of reports from Ross students and others of problems with Michael. We were personally informed by two friends about his attempt to molest their underage daughters and since posting this many more messages have poured in to us.

In St. Kitts he is known as “Shark Man”. How appropriate to name himself after an apex predator.

Free Swim Club for Local Children

XXXX created the free swim club for local children to teach the youth a valuable life skill that they can use to enjoy for the rest of their life. We feel everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to swim, therefore we decided as the leading XXXX provider in St.Kitts to offer free swim lessons every saturday. XXXX and Michael Andreasen with the combined efforts of XXXX beach bar who provided free lunch for the swimmers and the taxi association who are providing free transportation for the children to get from town to XXXXX, made this a reality for 12 local children today. All the children had a great time today learning to swim and made some new friends. The program will continue every Saturday for four weeks and then we will continue with another group of 12. #watersports #XXXXX #kids #playtime #swim #ocean #ngo#charity #charityevent This is more than just a swim club, this is a place where kids can be kids.

All of these photos were found via Google and are already public. We are not making them public by posting them here as they are already out there.


Illegal Immigrant with Illegal Business

In addition to his sexual activities, Michael appears to be here illegally and also operating an illegal business. Given this and his history, deportation of this individual should be a no brainer for authorities. What are they waiting on?

While we cannot confirm all that is said in the image we did some basic investigation and most of the allegations seem probable. We do not know who or where this image originated from.

Business is Illegal – Official

Department of Marine resources says this about his business:

“Shark Dive is not a registered business and should no longer be in operation.”

Response from Michael

During our investigation we contacted Michael to inquire if he was on island as well as gave him a chance to respond.

On May 30, one of us contact him to ask about going on a dive trip. Michael responded:

Dear xxxxxx. we run the sharks dive all days all year around day and night. The price is normally 250 us, but if you are certified you get 100 us discount. so 150 us.

However after we broke this story, Michael then sent a new message:

He seems to forget how small SKN is and how tight the community is. Has anyone ever heard of a local man named Dijego Wilsson? We could find no evidence of such a person and we believe it to be yet another alias for Michael.

Tim Hansen the Troll

A user named Tim Hansen contacted us shortly after we broke the story. We has some suspicions it was him, but could not prove it one way or the other. Then he made some mistakes early on that made us suspicious, and later even more. Then we found this. Someone else got him to FaceTime using the name. Michael is an advanced con artist and unless you nitpick apart every detail, he can be very deceptive. Given the method of air conditioning or whatever that its in the background, it certainly looks like he did that from St. Kitts.

And here his trolling us as well. We vet the information we receive, and during this process he was uncovered. Other than this unrecognizable picture from one of his fake accounts, we find no evidence that he has military service. Just another con of his, and we never received any photos from the HR Department, but we await patiently. We suppose he was firing up Photoshop as we exposed him.

Faked News Report by Michael

In response to the allegations Michael provided this screenshot to one of us.

This screenshot is obviously faked. Let’s break it down.

  1. No URL was given. Using the text seen Google cannot find this story at all, and we doubt Bing will do any better.
  2. Paramedic has a random space and unusual capitalization.
  3. No identifying news site can be seen.
  4. There are many news reports in many countries which directly conflict what this photo says.
  5. Capitalization looks like a 4 year old did it – not an accredited news source. His own name isn’t even capitalized properly.
  6. Author is simply “NATE” with no surname.
  7. Who are Nordic Police? If he means Norway, they are Norwegian not Nordic. Nordic refers to several countries some of which are in the EU and some not. There is no such thing as Nordic Police and no accredited news source would call any of the individual countries police forces by such a generic title. Its like referring to our own RSCNPF as “The Caribbean Police”.

And the most damning evidence of all. Do you see the red line under precht? That is spell correcting. However these red lines only appear when editing and article, not when viewing an article. This means he was stupid enough to post a screenshot while he was editing it. Most likely he took a valid news article, copied it, edited the title, and then sent us only that part of the screen.

Veiled Threat

We had yet another person seek a response from Michael. This person is a prominent native citizen of our Federation involved in the tourism industry. Michael’s response to this person was:

Dear Xxxxxxx.

This is christian.

i will make sure to do a paid advertising campaighn here on facebook against you, i want people to see what you are trying to do. You are black mailing Mr andreasen. you do posts were you complain about him ? and still you just send us a message you wanna book a tour for your cruise ship passengers. I will allso make sure to repport you to carnival and all the cruise lines say you are booking tours with Mr andreasen despite before saying so much bad about him. Allso we do have a interwiev later with Wm fm were we will show prof, and talkt about people like you. the gossip queans of st kitts. Furthermore i have repported you to the police for sharing private information about mr andreasens were abouts, people there have been working for him, and allso you are going and tell people his name of his boat and so on. i will personally go to tourism tomorrow and the police and make them aware about what you are doing.

Christian is surely just another alias. We assume that “Wm fm” is our own local WinnFM News. So WinnFM, can you tell us when this sure to be interesting interview is to be aired? We are eagerly awaiting.

Other Pages

Removal from St Kitts.

On July 4th Michael took a short trip to St Martin. On his return to St Kitts he was denied entry (permanently) and forcibly ejected from the country the next morning after being held in police custody overnight. He is believed to have returned to St Martin at least for the short term.

Aug 2017 to Dec 2017

Michael has been found in Spain repeating his same old tactics.

News Coverage

Dec 2017 to Present – Colombia

Michael has returned back to Colombia.

News Coverage

He has also been spamming groups worldwide seeking new victims:

New Business in Colombia

In the past Michael has produced fake info to mislead us and we did consider that he might be doing it again, possibly to damage a competitor.
However we have vetted this the best we can. We have no proof yet however we did the best background checking we could of this information and several things things point to it being him.

April 19, 2019 – Arrested in Colombia

On April 19, 2019 Michael was arrested in Colombia for practicing medicine again without a license or proper documentation. He was found in the accompany of two minors who he says “work for him”. Another photo, and a video.

May 2019 – Back to his old tricks…

Michael Andorson

Call to Action!

First and foremost – NO VIGILANTE ACTION. This is a matter for the various authorities. Leave it to police.

We stand united in this action. Please do not make this political or racial. We are all at risk. 

  1. Please share this page! We need to warn the women and young girls in our Federation as well as parents and other family.
  2. Make some noise to authorities. It seem the only things that get done in St. Kitts are the things that make noise. So go out and make some noise! Police, Inland Revenue, VAT office, Immigration, Labour Department all likely can find easily violations of his.

Yep, He is on Interpol

According to this news article from Colombia, the Shark Dude has an Interpol Green notice. So why again have we in SKN let him pass in and out? The notice would also include details of his past convictions and we are finding more and more of them. His Interpol record alone is enough for most countries who look to deny his entry.

The Police

Michael has been on island over a year and his activities are well known to many. Why have the police not even issued a single warning about this convicted sex predator? The only known response by police is that there is an “ongoing investigation” and this was learned by the alert issued by the American University Caribbean in St Martin. Why do we have to go to St. Martin to learn even of this?

“The commissioner said when a citizen sees a rented car that is tinted, they must immediately report it to the police.” (source)
Never mind that police and 911 sometimes don’t answer or sometimes they say call back – we need now to tie up the phones for tint. So if you see Michael, maybe we just need to call the police and say the car has dark tint. That seems to be one of the few things police are interested in these days.

Don’t get us wrong – we want to work with the police. But as they have not even issued a basic warning about this known predator – thus we went public. And then there is the whole Interpol flag on Michael……..

Two of us including a foreign Consul met with a member of the Police High Command on June 1. The police confirmed that Michael is in St. Kitts and is not detained. They are keeping tabs on him and investigating him for immigration violations, but seem to hope he will just leave on his own soon.

Other Contacts

  • Department of Marine Resources – Responded and says business was illegally operated and shut it down – albeit after Michael shut it down on his own. But still, we appreciate the response after we went public.
  • Mark Brantley, Minister of Foreign Affairs – Mark replied with, “I am certain the relevant ministry of national security and the police are fully seised”
    We are not sure we agree with his assessment, but we appreciate the response which is more than we can say about some others.
  • Lindsey Grant, Minister of Tourism – No official response yet but we have contacted members of his staff.

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What Do We Want?

We suggest that:

  1. The police should issue an immediate warning about Michael.
  2. The police should investigate and seek charges if appropriate against Michael.
  3. #2 failing, Michael is an undesirable person without SKN citizenship and appears to have several flagrant labour law violations as well as immigration violations committed. Deportation of such an individual is easy and quick.
  4. Prevent Michael from reentering the Federation.
  5. Advise CARICOM countries of his background and presence.

Local News Coverage

We broke this story. But we are very appreciative of the other news outlets which are now investigating and covering this story. We will add them as they appear.

Television News Coverage

These are all foreign language, but if you watch there are undercover videos of him, photos, his victims and more.

Jan 30, 2016 – Colombia – Spanish – False doctor accused of abusing women was released for lack of arrest warrant

Feb 1, 2016 – Mexico Telemundo – Spanish – Fake doctor arrested by Colombian patients

Oct 25, 2017 – Channel 5 Denmark

Svindlerjagt (Scam Hunters) Season 3 Episode 1

Thank You!

This was a joint effort involving more than one person. Many people who assisted prefer to remain anonymous, but none the less we wish to express our thanks.