Stolen Police Car Located in Half Moon

“Last week a police car was stolen from the Frigate Bay Outpost and we have been searching for it ever since,” said John “Pink Panther” Smuth, the Acting Station Chief for Frigate Bay.

“We’ve repeatedly told the government how roads that are crumbling really make it difficult on us police to do our jobs effectively when our vehicles have trouble passing to people’s houses. But at least for once it has worked to our advantage.”

“It turns out the thieves tried to escape through Half Moon and encountered a pot hole. Because of the rains the pothole had filled in and covered the stolen police car, so it was only discovered this week when the hole drained of water.”

“Residents know which roads are safe and which are not, but those that live elsewhere on the island simply have no way to know which roads are safe and which are not.”

Stolen Police Car Found a Week Later in Pot Hole in Half Moon