Tourist Air Evacuated from Rental Villa

Last night on January 8th, 2018 a tourist visiting St. Kitts from Halifax had to be air evacuated and is expected to make a full recovery.

John “Blue Thunder” Pegson, pilot for MOSA Air Assist who specialize in medical air ambulance evacuations for The Caribbean told The Manchineel, “We at MOSA are always happy to assist and provide a vital service for those in need of more advanced urgent medical care than can be provided within The Federation.”

“This call was a bit unusual though and we first tried to gain assistance from the fire department. The fire department tried their best to assist and were very helpful. We are greatly appreciative of their attempts to assist, but in the end it was just beyond their capabilities and we had to step up.”

“Compliments to Chief Garro and his men and women. They tried their best with chain saws and other equipment to rescue the tourist, but after making it several feet in several Manchineel trees were encountered. We then tried a new tack and set fire from the back side in a controlled burn in an attempt to gain access. Unfortunately because of the spread of the new strain of wild marijuana, once the fire hit that…… Well let’s just say it was all over. None of the firefighters were able to proceed any more and the woman firefighter leading the team told me ‘we gonna lay down lime now.'”

“I fully understand and part of me wishes I was in their draggers. But we all back each other up and the Fire Services has had our backs on numerous occasions, so we were happy to step up to the plate in their time of munchiness. Fortunately Domino’s was on hand to support as well and delivered free pizza to the ravenously hungry firefighters. Domino’s has been a long standing supporter of Fire and Police and has partnered with them in the past to allow RSCNPF to offer expedited response to 911 calls.”

“Initially earlier in the day a tourist who was staying in a rented villa in the Half Moon area had called us in the morning when he woke up and found that the house overnight had been entirely surrounded by bush and overgrowth and he was unable to leave the rental house.”

“Normally MOSA does not use helicopters to do live rescues, but there is a first time for everything and looking at the state of Half Moon and Conaree, we are now looking at stationing a full time evac heli at SKB airport. We plan to cal it Hell-a-Rescue.”