PWD Says It Would Fix Half Moon Roads, “If we could find them”

John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson, Junior Weed Whacker Operator in Training and Public Relations Officer (JWWOTAPRO for short) has been busy lately talking to the press and had a chance to speak with us again.

“Yall been bangin us hard, so we decide to fine where dis Half Moon is we keep hearin bout. Today aye go Half Moon wid me weed whacker and boi, me canna fine nuh roads in sum places. We wanna clear dem, but me ain got de right machinery.”

“Me whack and whack but de bush jus stan dare. Good ting I fine sum of the new strains growin wild over in dat place. I decided to selectively cut some of the bush down and take some home wid me. I mus say, I should go Half Moon more offin. It a real chill place mon.”

“Day ain kidden about rocks and tings – dat place like a jungle over dare. Government going haff step up with some tunneling machinery or sumting.”