Gov Duhsantis: Everyone Has a Right To COVID

Governor Ron Duhsantis said today that “Everyone has a right to COVID”.

“In Floriduh we want to ensure that everyone of our residents and school children have access to COVID. Some socialists want to take away this choice by wearing masks, but my administration knows better. Masks are a mark of the devil. I’ve never seen Jesus wear a mask. Masks are for Muslims and socialists.”

“In Floriduh we are pro-choice on COVID. We will continue to defy even the Federal government on Biden’s new vaccination policy. No one should be forced to vaccinate, everyone should retain their God given right to COVID.”

“Floriduh is #1 in COVID stats. Do you hear me? Number one! Not some blue state, but super red Floriduh. Stats don’t lie.”

As seen previously after his press conference on Freedom Air, when he finished his supporters could be heard screaming “More Ron! More Ron! More Ron!”