NHC and SKELEC to be brought under National Security

Police Commissioner Queeley several months ago announced that rental cars and government vehicles (except special security vehicles with exemptions) are not allowed to have any level of tint. Thus when these NHC and SKELEC vehicles were reported to us, we did what the police asked the public to do – and we notified them.

Acting Commissioner of Tinted Affairs, John “Sunglasses” Poogson said, “Well there are laws, and then there is government. We cannot enforce the tint law against ourselves as it creates conflicts. So we have decided to declare all SKELEC and NHC vehicles as special security vehicles. NHC is an important part of government and sometimes the drivers need their privacy for security reasons. If people were able to see what they were doing, then the driver’s spouses might be told and then we would have a security situation. However we want to be a compliant government, so in response it will be announced shortly that NHC and SKELEC will be moved to report directly to the Ministry of National Security. We are a very transparent government, even if our vehicles are not.”