PWD Proposes Novel Fix to Museum Degradation

John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson who is now synonymous with PWD discussed the problem of pieces of The National Museum falling on people’s heads.

“Even as recently as January 2018 there have been news reports of the issues regarding the crumbling of The National Museum. I would like to let everyone in St. Kitts and Nevis to know that we do have a plan. As usual, it might not be a good plan, but its a plan and a plan is better than no plan, no?”

“Firstly and foremost we would appreciate it if news outlets would simply stop reporting on it. Reporting on this is just making St. Kitts look bad and these so called news outlets are destroying the country. If they would just stop making St. Kitts look bad that would be a good first step. I simply don’t understand why they hate St. Kitts so much. Maybe they should just go live somewhere else like America if they don’t like stone blocks falling on their head. St. Kitts is not such an advanced country like America, so expecting us to keep up to their standards simply is not fair.”

“As for our plan we call it the Half Moon plan which amazingly is similar to what others may describe as a Half Ass plan. Our plan is to basically do nothing and let it fall apart just like Half Moon and Conaree roads. In fact we were considering using some of the pieces of the museum to fill the holes in their roads. Upon examination however it was pointed out that even if we destroyed The National Museum completely there would not be enough stone blocks to fill even a single of the larger potholes in that area. We hear however that the tour companies are interested in offering Half Moon spelunking tours, maybe we can use the blocks to build steps down into the potholes for easier access.”

“Since we couldn’t use it to fix those roads we decided the name was still fitting and our plan action is to be the same as we’ve planned for those areas. We will simply ignore the problem until it crumbles into a dust pile and everyone forgets about it. We cannot claim credit for this strategic action though and wish to thank FLOW for the inspiration. They still have customers with no phone service since Maria. Imagine dat! Personally I’ve been tinking about a career change. Is FLOW hiring?”

“I would also like to add that letting the museum crumble is fitting. It is our National Museum and by letting it crumble it itself is a live museum exhibit attesting to our crumbling public and utility infrastructure of our Federation.”

“Some accuse of us doing nothing! Are they blind? Who do they think put that wall up there to keep people out of the rock fall zone? Was it mongoose? No! It was PWD! In fact we only did it so no tourists get hurt though. If it was just locals we would not even have bothered.”