Douglas Says Orange is the New Red

“Orange is in. I know Labour is Red, but I suggest we change our red to ‘American Orange’. I’ve tried it and I like it so much that I’m not just a customer of The Hairific Club for Men, I’m its Prime Minister!”

The Machineel asked Labour supporters on their thoughts.

“He look good. He look real good. Really in truth it was missing all those years,” said John “mewahfreemunni” Wolliams.

“I like he bald, but dat orange do make him hot,” said Karla “megotmorekidsdanu” Smuthson. “He put me in mood to make more babies, but mean man Harris say I have to pay my NHC mortgage now he in power, so I can’t right now. Harris so wicked and don care for kids.”

“Under Douglas, Labour has become an international force to be reckoned with. Now he look more stately. Denzil forever!” said George “Glusmellsogood” Hubson.