Labour March So Massive Yuge, Almost 2 Minibusses Needed To Get Participants Home

Today Labour held a march and nearly two dozen participants showed up despite the sweltering hot day and strong sun. So many Labour participants showed up that a second minibus had to be procured to return everyone back to the starting point at Greenlands.

John “nahwahwork” Pugson said, “We used to have more people when Labour was in power. But Unity so kunumumu they don’t give us free houses any more. Since the election we are now being asked to pay our NHC mortgages, our electric bills, and even for our water! They say family but Unity persecutes us!”

An unnamed organizer of the march told us, “If we could get just 4 more people to show up next time, we could increase our size by nearly 25%! Labour Massives – lissen me… Bring your kids, your dogs, your cats, your goats. If you don’t have any pets, catch some monkeys and bring them. We need numbers! Bring your alternative marchers!”

There was a dispute over the count of participants between the unnamed organizer and The Manchineel. The Manchineel felt it was unfair to count the 4 police officers assigned as escorts, while the organizer demanded they be included in the count.

Labour Spokesperson John “Spicer” Lubird said, “It was the largest march EVER! There were a million people there!”