Traffic Dept Issues New Advisory on Traffic Lights

John “Sugar Cane” Smoth, Acting Director of Traffic Control Systems for the Traffic Department wishes to advise the driving public about the upcoming activation of the newly installed traffic lights.

“We are still finalizing some things including the fact that we forgot to see if Parliament has passed the laws regarding their use before we planned to turn them on before Christmas, but we are getting closer. We had hoped to activate them before Christmas but we worried that many drivers would just think they are Christmas lights and not know what to do.”

“We also wish to announce that we were able to have special traffic lights made using the national colors of green yellow and red adding a distinctive flavor to our traffic control devices.”

“I want to prepare drivers though as to the upcoming legislation regarding obedience to the traffic lights. Those with license tags starting with P (passenger), R (rental), G (government), CD (diplomat) and GT (group tour) will be expected to stop when the lights changes red and stop if possible and wait when it is yellow. Vehicles with these plates should only cross the intersection when the light is green.”

“Drivers must be aware however that vehicles with license tags starting with H (mini bus), or T (taxi) can pass through the intersection on green, yellow or red. Normally they should be expected to obey the same laws as other vehicles, but we all know that Traffic allows taxis and especially the revered and feared buses already to speed and drive recklessly currently with wanton abandon, so if you think we are going to bother enforcing traffic lights on them, well you just mumu.”