PWD to Address Conaree and Half Moon Road Problem

John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson, the now Senior Manager in Charge of Weed Whacking for PWD announced today that PWD will address the serious road problems in Conaree and Half Moon.

“The roads over that way are crumbling into dust just like our National Museum. After some pondering we thought that maybe the solution to one can be the solution to the other.”

“As you can see we built a wall around The National Museum to stop rocks from falling on people’s heads.”

“So we figured since the roads of Conaree and Half Moon are also crumbling, why not apply the same solution? Therefore we are currently planning to build a shanty wall around the roads of Conaree and Half Moon to prevent people from getting hurt.”

“Sure people will not be able to use the roads to access their houses but their property values are already in a nose dive because lets face it – prospective buyers don’t like the thought of having to purchase a helicopter. But we’ve addressed this problem too with an agreement with Customs Department to allow importation of road ready tanks duty free.