Government Announces Duty Free Import of Tanks

John “tint turns me on” Juffers, Acting Head of St. Kitts Tint Terrorism Unit (known by others as St Kitts Wants all Tint or SWAT unit for short) of the Traffic Department announced today that as of February 30th, 2018 street legal tanks such as the RipSaw will be importable to The Federation duty free for residents living in special zones.

“Residents of Conaree, Half Moon and parts of Sandy Point will now be able to import street legal tanks so that they can enter and exit their communities. We met with the PS last week and realize that this would be cheaper than us actually fixing the roads in those areas.”

Formerly such vehicles were 5% duty + 6% CSC + 17% VAT:

“RipSaw tanks are already street legal in many countries and have rubber tracks so as to not damage the roads. Here however since even a metal tracked tank could not damage our roads beyond their existing conditions, we are allowing metal tracks as well.”

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