Western Union Announces Expansion in The Federation

John “EC easy” Wulliams of Western Union St. Kitts and Nevis today announced a new expansion in The Federation.

“We are expanding our services in St. Kitts and it will result in us hiring several new staff. With many people still without FLOW landlines since Hurricanes Irma and Maria and Digicel being out today we decided to move up our expansion.”

“Its pretty obvious by now that FLOW simply doesn’t care if people have service or not. Digicel will fix their service issue, but its at times like this where people have no abilities to call out and must resort to expensive VOIP rates to reach businesses with landlines.”

“Because of this Western Union has look at its roots and decided to bring back some of our older technology and modernize it. We would actually like to go into the phone business, but FLOW has monopoly rights from the government. Thus until we can convince the Government that FLOW should lose its telecommunications license for lack of service, we have begun rebuilding our telegraph network.”

“Sure its a bit slower than an actual phone call and people will need to learn Morse code, but at least we will guarantee a minimum level of service. For those who do not want to learn Morse code, they can visit or office to send or receive telegrams and our efficient operators are very proficient in Morse code.”

“And we are being proactive – we are going to bury the telegraph lines for reliability. Later on we plan to expand and add wireless telegraph service as well.”