50 Cent Wants His $1100 Back from St. Kitts

In 2016 during his performance at MusicFest, 50 Cent was arrested for indecent language and fined $1100.

Samuel “10 Cent” Robinson, 50 Cent’s Manager told us, “50 Cent has seen some of the news coverage regarding the recent Carnival parade and he is quite upset.”

50 himself said, “WTF is this? They can f*** in the streets but I cant say the f*** word? I want my $1100 back! My first name is Curtis, but that doesn’t make me Wimpy!”

“I hate hypocrites. How dare the Chief of Police who I now call No Cents Duff Daddy arrest me for singing the word f*** but he is happy to let them f*** in public? He’s a f***er himself. He is not just no cents, but also no sense, yet lots of scents. Hypocrite!”

“I am happy to announce my next song and possibly I might make the album around this idea. I’m still working on fine tuning, but here is what I’m working on.”

St. Kitts Hypocrites
Come on down to the Shandy Shop…
Drink but don’t toke or they come for you… (woah)
Show your d*** ok, but don’t say the word… (woah)


Since this article was published there has been further news:

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