50 Cent to Return to St. Kitts in Dec 2018

Samuel “10 Cent” Robinson, 50 Cent’s Manager announced earlier that 50 Cent wants his $1100 back from St. Kitts. As it turns out, he plans to return to St. Kitts in December for a concert and to collect the money himself personally from the Chief of Police who he has now nicknamed ‘No Cents'”

“50 will return for a free concert in December 2018 as part of Carnival. He will be forming a Carnival Troupe using his own music. As his lyrics are outlawed in St. Kitts and mouthing even the words can land one in jail, this time he will NOT be singing but instead will only play the musical accompaniment to his songs in an open air karaoke. Attendees are free to sing along on their own, but should be prepared to be taken to jail.”

“In addition, 50 will be playing in his troupe and acting out the extreme sexual lyrics of his song with his troupe live during the Carnival Parade. 50 promises only to act out his songs, and not actually sing them and The Royal St. Kitts & Nevis Police have already tacitly given permission for such at the recent Carnival Parade.”

“All of 50’s troupe participants will be required to be 18 or older and will each have a minimum of 4 square inches of clothing so the sex acts shown will not be considered to be real and therefore allowable by law in a public area.”

Specifically 50 is working on choreography currently for his new song, Shandy Shop, to be performed as his troupe’s opening act. The lyrics were too spicy for The Manchineel to publish, but they are based on his hit Candy Shop and you can find them here.

“In my videos I am limited in what I can do and show with my dancers because it has to be able to be shown on cable channels. However at St. Kitts Carnival I don’t have to scale it back and I can really express myself with dance.”

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