Get FREE electricity with SKELEC Rewards Program

Sep 31, 2019 – For Immediate Release

SKELEC is pleased to announce the launch of SKELEC Rewards, a new bonus program for customers in St. Kitts.

Damion “Sparky” Hobbs, who is the Director of Voltagicity at SKELEC said, “Customers have been complaining about current prices, so as part of SKELEC rewards we will be giving FREE BONUS electricity to various customers based on their usage patterns. The free BONUS electricity will be delivered as extra BONUS voltage. We are pleased to be the FIRST electricity provider in the world to offer such a unique and distinctive program.”

“Customers will be alerted to their BONUS electricity through a unique system. When you see your lights go really bright and your fans start spinning like jet engines, then you are receiving our FREE BONUS electricity. SKELEC CARES!”

Actual photo of voltage from SKELEC mains entering a customers home which lasted for approximately 45 minutes and started a fire in the customer’s house. Customer was awoken by a ceiling fan above his bed which was spinning so fast that it was about to take off on its own.