FLOW to Offer DIY Modem Upgrades

After many complaints from users about unreliable internet, FLOW is testing new DIY modem upgrades. Currently the upgrade is in limited testing, but may be rolled out wider in the near future.

John “The Bloviator” Pegson, Manager of Modems for FLOW explained, “We are aware of the issues that are experienced by our customers. We experience it too. We don’t like to talk about it, but even at our offices we subscribe to Cable so we can use the internet when our connections go down. Cable is pretty unreliable too, so sometimes we even have to pull out an old dial up modem and dial to Jamaica to get internet. Fortunately such calls for us are free.”

“To help our customers we are testing out a DIY solution. Many of our customers report loosing internet several times a day and the need to turn the modem off and back on to get internet back. We’ve found a solution that we think will help these customers and it is a DIY solution which means customers don’t need to wait 6 months for a technician to show up. Once we roll it out beyond testing, users can make the upgrade themselves.”

FLOW Modem Reliability Enhancement Device and Configuration