IRD and PWD Announce Partnership to Benefit Motorists

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and the Public Works Department (PWD) have announced a new partnership to benefit motorists.

John “Holey” Smuthson, Manager of Road Repairs for PWD said, “Since independence over 25 years ago we really haven’t done much to fill potholes. We often were out of bitumen and the previous regime just told us to do without, so we had to stretch it. We would fill the holes with sand and then cover them with asphalt, but the rain would eventually get to the sand and the patches didn’t last long. In fact our patching strategy has been pretty minimal as recently reported when a photo was uncovered by the St. Kitts Historical Society.”

“Because of the continued bitumen shortage we have partnered with IRD. IRD has agreed to let us use the glue from the window tax stickers. Every motorists knows how hard those stickers are to remove and windscreens with a dozen or more stickers on them is a common sight. So we decided why not use this stuff to patch potholes? We filled a few with sand and mixed in this glue, and it is as hard as a rock. In fact in tests it is holding up better than the road surface itself. If tests go well, we may just pack down dirt in the future and pave the new roads with window tax stickers.”