New Bus License Plates to be Issued

With the advent of more and more vehicles on the road traffic recently added PB for passenger vehicles, and now even more plates must be added.

John “IDUI” Snarkson of the Traffic Department explained, “We currently use H and HA for busses, but some busses are very special busses and we need a new designation to help passengers identify their special status. We have a serious traffic safety problem in The Federation with the manner in which many busses drive. We could enforce the law of the road on them, but that would be simply too much trouble and when we have tried the bus drivers have resisted and become verbally abusive towards us. Never to be defeated, Traffic has come up with a solution.”

“For the most infamous busses we will be reversing the prefix on their plates from HA to AH, which stands for Arse Hole. We hope that this will help bus passengers to better choose their bus for daily transport.”

“H1753 & HA749 are to receive the first AH plates for their recent dangerous blockage of traffic at ECCB.” For more candidates for the new AH plates, please check out our Bus Holes section.