FLOW to Expand FLOW TV Offerings

Oct 18, 2017
Basseterre, St Kitts

FLOW recently launched with great fanfare, FLOW TV to offer FLOW customers television service in addition to landline, mobile and Internet service. “We expect FLOW TV to be just as reliable as our other services,” says Charles Dooglas.

“It has however been brought to our attention that over a month after Hurricane Maria many of our customers are still without landline or Internet service. Despite this, we decided to focus on launching FLOW TV instead of repairing service to those customers. It was a hard choice to make, but lets be honest here, we at FLOW just don’t give a crap all that much.”

“To help those customers without Internet or landline service we are now announcing an expansion of FLOW TV. Using Internet based TV seemed like a great idea, but it was just too technologically advanced for our current systems. So we now announce that we have acquired rights to the Blockbuster brand name and will be reopening our office on Cayon Street to provide VHS video tape rental under the name ‘Blockbuster by FLOW’. Utilizing the latest in VHS technology, we now expect it to better match the technological state of our network and allow users to access FLOW TV 247 rather than the few days per year when our Internet service is reliable enough to stream live TV.”

Charles “Rotary Dial” Dooglas
Public Relations Manager