PEP program to be replaced with “something better”

Team Unity continues to point out the expensive problem created by the PEP program. The PEP program created by the former administration sucks $2 million per month out of the treasury and many workers are assigned to mow lawns and perform tasks for supporters of the previous administration. Team Unity says this has to stop but is cautious about throwing so many people out of employment.

John “Peppy” Forgoson, the temporary acting permanent secretary of PEP had this to say, “PEP presents huge challenges to us. It cost us a ton of money that could be better spent but if we discontinue PEP it will throw thousands out of work.”

He continued, “So we have decided to replace it with something better. Its going to be great, just you wait and see. We are gathering the best and the brightest from our native land. I mean these are people you wouldn’t recognize their names so I’m not going to mention them yet, but they are great minds. It is going to be so great that I can’t tell you about it yet, but its going to be great.”

Mr. Forgoson told The Machineel that the new program would be called Working The Federation (WTF) and it would have a companion program to transition people into training and off of WTF. The training program will be called Skills Training & Development (STD).

Mr. Forgoson hopes that PEPpers will be happy with WTF and become experience new horizons with their group STD engagements.

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