RSCNPF to offer expedited response to 911 calls

In response to the homeowner who was robbed at gun point last week and who called Fire Services instead of the police, the Royal St Christopher & Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) has proposed a solution to provide faster responses by the police in emergencies.

John “DUI” Wattsly, the acting director of public relations for the department of traffic said that things had been in the works for some time but in the light of the recent increase in crime they have decided to move up implementation to 2017 from the previously planned 2028.

“You know citizens think this stuff is fast and easy. But it takes time. We have to research and consider the impact of our decisions. If we rush things then the outcome might not be as we intend.”

In short, the RSCNPF is partnering with Domino’s Pizza in a test partnership dubbed “Pizza and Police – in 30 minutes or less”. The program is only available to those who are under immediate threat of burglary or bodily harm and costs EC$75 which also includes a free pizza. To expedite response, only one pizza choice is available. To save money the pizzas will be prepared on the roof of the St Johnston Police Station using PEP workers and the pizza variety will be PEPperoni.

“We wanted to offer more varieties,” Wattsly said, “but we need to keep it to 30 minutes or less. We hope residents will take advantage of this new service. Please do tip the drivers as well as we think this could bring down response times to under 15 minutes.”

To use the service one simply needs to call 116 (which is 911 upside down) to reach Domino’s Pizza on Fort Street to ensure that the phone will always be answered. Simply say “PEPpy Police Special” and an officer/delivery driver will be dispatched using Domino’s GPS location system previously only available for pizza deliveries.

Domino’s Manager John “The Anchovy” Clark said he hoped the program would be wildly successful and that the pizza will help people calm down after possibly traumatic incidents. “I hope we can expand this throughout the Caribbean. Domino’s is a socially responsible company and always looking to help out the communities we serve.”

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