RSCNPF to consider expanding use of fingerprinting

The Royal St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force is considering the use of fingerprints to aid in its investigations.

John “The Luddite” Luddie, the director of detectives and crimey stuff said, “We are looking to use fingerprints more extensively so we can reduce crime. We already use fingerprinting but only in certain limited cases. We need to adopt new technology slowly to make sure it is used properly. Fingerprints have been used by most other nations since the late 1800’s, but we want to make sure the science is settled before we adopt its usage in full. A century and a half of implementation world wide is simply not enough to meet our strict standards of evidence yet. Maybe in another hundred years.”

When asked about what kind of equipment the RSCNPF used for fingerprinting, Mr. Luddie responded, “We purchased a variety of old phones off of St Kitts Swap Shop. Some used iPhones and the like because they have fingerprint scanners. But the problem is that FarmVille is just too addictive.”

“We are also considering using ballistics in a larger role, but we don’t have such a lab here in SKN and sending things off island is just too much of a hassle.” he said.

The Machineel asked Mr. Luddie about other forensics techniques such as DNA but Mr. Luddie said they were too new and need more time to be proven before RSCNPF would consider them.

When asked if he had any final words, Mr. Luddie closed with, “I think we have the potential here to develop faster slower.”