Residents enjoy 365 days of perfect sunsets in 2016

St. Kitts & Nevis residents reported that they enjoyed 365 days of perfect sunsets for yet another year in 2016. The Manchineel took to the streets to get your view.

John “I sell ganga” Clerke said, “Every day good day. No worries man. Peace.” A man of few words, but who are we to disagree?

Tourist Joanna Harper said she really enjoyed the sunset and wishes she could live here all year long now that Trump is about to take office. “I would love to live here. But I can’t get on PEP and back home I’m going to be eligible for TrumpCare Gold Package. Despite me not being able to stand the man, the Gold Package is pretty sweet.”

We were able to catch one member of parliament who said, “Sunsets are beautiful, and the best part is they are followed by darkness and shadows which I strongly prefer.”

Finally long time expat Joseph Johnson said, “Suck it Americans. The sunset is ours. You’ve got your wars to tend to.”