Wire blocks road again, The Cable proposes novel solution

For the third time this year a wire has fallen from the pole and is blocking the road near Conaree. The wire belongs to The Cable because it falls so often that residents are able to definitively identify it.

Residents as have alerted The Cable that it has fallen. So far only three days have passed. With previous events residents brought their own ladders to hang it back up so they could use the roadway and once even called the traffic department. After the traffic department got involved, The Cable “quickly” responded two weeks later and reattached the wire.

When resident expat Jacob Cheeseman called The Cable earlier this week they responded, “Are you sure its no a telephone line from FLOW?”. When Mr. Cheeseman told them no, it belonged to The Cable. The lady from The Cable responded, “Well, you should call FLOW anyhow since I don’t know for sure its our wire.”

The Manchineel contacted The Cable for comment and reached the director of wires John “Splicey” Joofers. Mr. Joofers said he could not help because it was not really a wire but a fiber optic cable and that he only had oversight over the older coaxial wires. He did have a personal opinion on the matter though and said, “It’s the residents fault. They shouldn’t build houses in such windy areas. I think maybe its just best to leave it on the road so we don’t have to pick it up each time.”

Relevant Facts

For this event, Cable fell around Jan 17/18 and was blocking road. One resident moved it but now all vehicles are driving across the wire. The Cable was notified on both Jan 18 and 19. As of yet, the wire is still on the road being run over by every vehicle that passes. We will update you in the weeks to come as The Cable takes “swift” action as has happened in the last few times it fell down.

There are also lines down in at least 3 other nearby spots but whose wires they are elsewhere has not been definitively determined (Cable or FLOW). They are definitely not SKELEC.


The Cable apparently after seeing our Facebook campaign has decided that hanging the wire back up onto the pole was a better strategy and on the 24th after a week of vehicles driving across the wire finally hung it back on the pole in an extensive surgical operation which took extensive planning and execution totaling about 5 minutes of work time.

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