PWD Resolves for 2018 to Repair and Clear Even Fewer Roads

John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson, Junior Weed Whacker Operator in Training and Public Relations Officer for PWD (Public Works Department) told The Manchineel, “Some roads in The Federation have never been cleared or repaired at all. In 2018 we plan to expand the number of roads that we will no longer clear or repair.”

“Many residents have resorted to clearing and even repairing their own roads at their own expense. How can we compete with that? I mean its just not fair. Its like letting a bus pick up for taxis and steal their work. Its just not right, but what can we do? Well I’ll tell you, for 2018 we are going to do even less to allow even more residents to become civic minded.”

“I mean after all, who needs usable roads? Denzil Douglass tell me just the other day flying cars are just around the corner and until then if people would just ride donkeys, they donkeys could eat their way through and so really we are just being proactive in providing accessible fuel supply for those donkeys.”

“Some of the roads even have boulders in them the size of a small car. We are leaving them in place as well to provide more playgrounds for our youth. Think of them as climbing walls for children.”