Government Announces New Federal Nature Park

Today the Parks & Beaches Unit announced that a new Federal Nature Park has been created. “We already designated old sugar lands east of Kim Collins Highway to be a Nature Reserve and created the National Heroes Park on the northern tip.” said John “Lionfish” Lubird. “Now we are expanding the park further to the East all the way to Frigate Bay Golf Course. The new area will be reserved as a Safari Park for tour operators to take tourists on an exciting excursion among Conaree Hills to see birds, monkeys and other native wild life of St. Kitts.”

“Over the last 10 years Public Works Dept (PWD) has let Half Moon Heights slowly decay to the point that not only are residents having to clear the brush themselves, but the concrete roads have deteriorated so badly that residents have had to bring in cement trucks and repair them by themselves.”

“We had a meeting with PWD and realized that they were never going to fix the road in Half Moon or brush cut anything except the one bottom road. So we decided to extend the existing National Park and merge Half Moon into it. The new area will be known as the Half Moon Safari Park. The roads are falling apart so badly again that soon they will be dirt anyway.”

“We realize that there are residents already living in Half Moon Heights and any land will remain private. But all government areas including roads now that they have been redesignated as a Safari Park will be let to return to nature. This area is so often without electric, water and Internet that such residents are already accustomed to living off grid.”

Actual Half Moon Road – Dec 9, 2017

Another residential paved road in Half Moon formerly used by police and Ross security as well as some residents now basically unusable.