MuMu Variant Confirmed in St Kitts

Not to be confused with the Mu variant previously discovered in Mexico, the MuMu (Caribbean Creole word for a stupid person) variant has been found in St. Kitts. Symptoms of the MuMu variant are the creation of tightly packed crowds of unvaccinated children, reckless disregard for mask usage, all the while simultaneously chastising others for not following proper protocols.

This MuMu variant has infected all political parties in the Federation.

Opening Day at Cayon High School

On the opening day of school, while being addressed by the Minister of Education, unvaccinated students are packed tightly together. Ironically, we’ve been told the Minister gathered them together to speak about getting vaccinated.

Back to School Blitz

Next up is the recent and former Minister of Education. “Do as we say, not as we do”….. .again around unvacinated children.

All Parties Are Infected with the MuMu Variant

Apparently “Fair Share For All” is being applied to COVID.

The opposition party is just as infected. Denzil Douglas has politicized vaccination and opposes any work place mandates at all, including even hospital nurses. Marcella Liburd after poo-pooing mask wearing has also caught COVID.