Local Ganga Growers Thank RSCNPF for Safe Storage

(Credit to WinnFM for photo)

WinnFM has reported “Thieves steal marijuana from police container.” The Manchineel decided to do some investigative journalism and determine the other side of the story. We went to Conaree and asked, “Yo man, you know who tief de ganga from de Fire Station? We juss wanna talk, we ain police.” After showing our press credentials, we were put in touch with a grower who asked to be simply identified as “The Fertilizer”.

The Fertilizer told us, “Yeah dis new program workin great. Before we mus hide our harvest. But now we let the government take it and store it for us. That way no heat on us while it cure. We let dem cure it for us and when it ready we go get it.”

“It real funny how dey measure. We take back one pound and dey say it only a tiny bit and it bad quality. But when dey take it from us that same one pound is a massive haul and high quality. We need standards here.”