PWD Explains New Safety Markings

John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson, the now Weed Whacking Senior Manager for PWD explained today about the new safety markings placed on Cayon Street.

“You see we do something and people just got to complain again. First about roads, then the museum, and now about paint? Come one we have people shooting each other and people got time to chat fart bout paint?”

“The answer is really simple. PWD gone green. Recently we announced our eco pave road system, and now we are just being green in our painting as well. Instead of using paintbrushes and wasting them, we have chosen a local renewable resource. We are now using mongoose instead of paint brushes.”

“We don’t want to kill them though and there was a problem we hadn’t planned on. Who knew mongoose were ticklish? We didn’t! I mean really, you try painting a straight yellow line with a live ticklish mongoose. Let me tell you, its really, really hard!”

“Some of those indents (just like at the museum!) are not because of the mongoose. Some of those potholes are historical landmarks now and we cannot fix them and alter our history.”

“Sometimes the mongoose do escape though before we can wash them off and return them to the wild. The paint we use is safety paint and it is neon yellow and glows in the dark. So if you see a glowing mongoose running around your yard, it is okay. It is not a mongoose jumbie and eventually the paint will wear off. We call the glowing ones a full moongoose.”

“In fact this is nothing new. Back in 2008 we did a pilot program with mongoose in Port Zante as well. We did make one mistake. This was scheduled for Douglas Lane, not Port Zante because of its shape.”



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