IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LIAT to rebrand to better match its image

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LIAT Mr. Ian Slate says the company is wishing to improve its image in light of recent events and feels that a name change may help it distance itself from its former track record.

In a statement on Monday, Mr. Slate announced that LIAT would be changing its name but also would like to be a more inclusive airline which seeks and uses customer feedback more effectively. To demonstrate this initiative Mr. Slate is inviting its customers to help it choose a new name for LIAT and offered up the following candidates for customers to choose from and vote on:

  1. Leeward Air Transport Enterprise (LATE)
  2. Super Hopper Island Transport (SHIT)
  3. Caribbean Rapid Air Planes (CRAP)

LIAT QuikPak is also to be rebranded as Forward Air Rapid Transit (FART) with new package tariffs based on weight categories:

  • 1-5 pounds: Mini FART
  • 6-10 pounds: Big FART
  • 10+ pounds: Mega FART


About LIAT

LIAT is the leading Caribbean airline (of which there are not many to choose from). It is owned by regional shareholders, with majority shareholders being various corrupt and incompetent local Governments. More information about LIAT may be found by asking any of its stranded customers who can be found at various airports throughout the Caribbean.

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