Douglas Promises Ponies, Marcella Responds with Unicorns

Recently former Prime Minister Denzil Douglas made headlines again when he promised free ponies to voters if he was reelected.

In a rare event of Labour disunity Marcella Liburd has expressed interest in the pork and pony giveaway as well by upping tenman, “I will NOT be giving away ponies in my constituency. NO ponies in number 2! Instead I will be giving away pet unicorns. I’m already working with Agriculture on the import permits but they say there is no procedure to import unicorns and are blocking me! Unity blocks me at every turn! I call on my people of 2 to join me this Sunday and rally at La Guerite to demand that Agriculture all our unicorns in!”

When asked where Marcella would obtain so many unicorns, she replied, “From China of course! They have the best unicorns.”

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