Rituals revolutionary new cheeseburger burger debuts in SKN

Rituals Coffee Shop a well known Caribbean clone complete to logo and color scheme of US giant Starbucks has revealed a new burger line up which includes the Rituals BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Burger. This new Cheeseburger Burger is different than the burger w/ cheese or a traditional cheeseburger in that its more burgery and thus why it is a Cheeseburger Burger.

The concept is so revolutionary that Rituals has hired a specific Cheeseburger Burger Marketing Marketer position at each location. John “Jerk” Rickards, the Cheeseburger Burger Marketing Marketer for the Frigate Bay location told The Manchineel that this was a leg up on Starbucks who doesn’t serve burgers. “We had to differentiate ourselves somehow, because otherwise we look so much like Starbucks that tourists might not know the difference.” he said.