Denzil Douglas delivers on promise from 2012 to move forth Motion of No Confidence

In Dec 2012 Denzil Douglas made a promise to move forth a Motion of No Confidence. Denzil Douglas, being a man of his word delivered on that promise recently in just over 4 years time according to Labour Party Junior Interning Spokesman of Campaign Promises, John “Fingers Crossed” Lemming.

In Dec 2012 at the St. Kitts Chamber of Commerce meeting Denzil Douglas promised “The motion will come”. For anyone doubting him, he doubled down, “I lead a responsible government and so I will do whatever is necessary to lend support to the system which has its procedures and processes to ensure that the matter it is brought to our Parliament.”

Lemming said, “There you have it. Labour delivers, just not in nine months like others expect.”

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