Tenman Now Says He is Elevenman

Denzil Douglas who self styled himself as “Ten man in one” and adopted the nick “tenman” wants to now change it to “Eleven man in one”, or “Elevenman” for short.

The Manchineel asked, “Why?” His campaign manager John “Spicer” Leburd responded, “It’s time for a change. If Snoop Dog can become Snoop Lion, than Tenman can become Elevenman.”

“There are 11 elected seats in Parliament. Douglas wants to sit in all seats, but he needs to be eleven to do that. Please vote Douglas back in. This time we won’t stop at 20 years, we will never leave.”

The Manchineel asked a prospective voter what she thought about the change. She responded, “Elven man is a perfect name! He is short and looks like an elf.” When we explained to her that it was eleven and not elven, she was ready for that. “Ok, but I like elvenman better… it fits.”