FLOW to Upgrade Caller ID for 911

FLOW has announced that it will upgrade its caller ID system to assist businesses and consumers, but more specifically 911 and emergency services.

Daniel “Mountain Chicken” Bryon, the acting Manager of FLOW extended services said, “We have offered caller ID for many years but it shows the persons name as listed in the phone book which is not as helpful as you would think especially when calling 911. So we are extending our caller ID service and it will be called WII, or FLOWWII. WII stands for West Indian Identification so for example when I would call someone instead of it showing Daniel Bryon, it will show my local name of Mountain Chicken which is far more recognizable. This will also help 911 responses be faster and find people more accurately as since most places don’t have street names it makes sense to ask my neighbors where I live by the name they know me by.”