TA434 – The Original Seamoss Man

So here I am in Bird Rock way down by the bakery. I haven’t even reached the road before TDC Auto yet. There are at least 20 cars ahead of me.

Here comes TA434 driving up the wrong side passing 2 dozen cars. Proceeds all the way to the intersection. Goes right through it by cutting ahead of the lead car, then goes into Ram’s Cash & Carry where it says “No Entry”.

But hey, the tint wasn’t dark enough, so who cares right? We all know the police don’t and that is exactly why these buses and taxis act so, because they know unless they kill someone or hit someone, the police simply cannot be bothered.

I was once hit by a taxi while I was parked. Delivered video and 4 witnesses to Traffic. Yet not a single thing was done and I had to pay to repair the damage on my vehicle.

Video slowed down to 1/4th.