St Kitts to Gain an Additional Territory

The residents of Half Moon have declared their intent to separate from St. Kitts and become a third member of the Federation.

An unnamed spokesperson told The Manchineel, “We are still citizens and love our country, but over the last decade the Federal Government has basically let us to rot. Our roads are crumbling with dozens of pieces of rebar sticking out, dirt is showing through the roads. Our electric still goes out several times a month as does our water. Most of our roads here have never been cleared of brush – not even a single time. We are basically receiving almost no services, yet they are happy to collect our VAT and property taxes.”

“We are not seceding from St. Kitts. St. Kitts has ejected us, we are just formalizing what has been in effect for years now.”

“We will stop paying property taxes this year and instead use it to cover the costs we have already incurred. As residents we are already paying to clear our own roads, and we even had to bring in cement trucks to repair or own roads else we would be trapped in our community. And we have to have whole house generators because our electricity is so unreliable.”

The spokesperson closed with, “We realize that The Federation of St. Christopher, Nevis, and Half Moon is a very long title, but its workable. Our infrastructure is already approaching that of the third world, so I guess its only fitting that we will be the third state of The Federation.”

Typical Half Moon Road