Unity Resolves for 2018 to Forget About IPL for Another Year

The Manchineel reached out to Unity regarding IPL. Unity Spokesman for Undesirable Questions, John “Delaydem” Norburd said, “Previously we had stated that we simply do not need IPL because we are honest. Are you calling Unity corrupt? Unless Unity is corrupt, why do we need IPL?”

Norburd continued, “We will do things if and when we ready – not when you push us. We have a lot of important stuff to do. We still have not gotten all the tint off the island, how do you expect us to deal with IPL when all this tint is causing so many murders, crime and even teen pregnancy in our Federation?”

“Thus we have resolved for 2018 to ignore IPL again, because to deal with IPL would be a distraction from dealing with the important pending terrorist crisis of tint.”

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