Extreme 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted by NOAA

NOAA’s 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook indicates an 85% chance that season will either be above-normal or even extreme. The Atlantic hurricane region includes the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. NOAA predicts as many as 25 named storms this year.

This is a more challenging hurricane season outlook than most because it is difficult to determine whether there will be reinforcing or competing climate influences on tropical storm development. The reason for the change in outlook from 2016 is due to extreme wind pattern changes caused in the New England portion of the United States affecting the jet stream and affecting hurricane formation.

The wind pattern changes have been caused by the massive sucking of the New England Patriots. The sucking has reached such levels as to modify the jet stream around New England.

NOAA has also released the names for 2017 hurricanes:

  • Hurricane Andrews, David
  • Hurricane Brady, Tom (Predicted to be a Cat5+)
  • Hurricane Coleman, Patrick
  • …….