PWD Unity Cones or Eco Cones?

PWD is again seeking citizen input on a decision regarding road repairs. 
John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson, the current acting supervisor of road repairs in non politically connected living areas, spoke again to The Manchineel in an exclusive interview.

“As you maybe kinda noticed, if you are not politically connected, we ain nevuh gonna repair you road, no matta how bad it be. Full size trees, holes deeper than a foot, jus get used to it.”

“But we don totalla fuhget you. Elections duz come, so we have to preten we maybe migh fix you road. Instead of ugly pavement to fix you roads, we were just letting the grass mark the holes (we call dem eco cones)… but as elections are coming we have started to mark de holes with special Unity Orange Traffic Cones.”

“Whedda we use orange or green, you need nevuh worry. Both dem is durable and built to last well longer than cement.”

“De ungrateful residents even filed a Motion of No Confidence against PWD. But it gonna go in de same place complaints go! We gonna Douggie it and never see it. Here it go on the toilet paper roll!”

Here are two installations that have been deployed for many months in the Half Moon area.