Traffic Department Explains License Tag Prefixes

Everyone has seen vehicle license plates, P, R, T, H, GT, G, CD. But what do these prefixes actually stand for? John “IDUI” Snarkson of the Traffic Department explains.

“Most residents know these letters but with a constant influx of new students and others we felt it necessary to explain them. Even most residents know for example that H is a bus, but don’t know what the H stands for. Here is a simple explanation.”

“P / PA / PB – P is for passenger. But our plates are only 4 digits. Instead of adding a fifth digit like P10001, we decided to use PA but then we ran out of those too, so now we also have PB or what we call the Peanut Butter plate.”

“R / RA is for Rental”

“G is for Government, but GT is a tour bus (Group Tour). T and TA are for Taxi.”

“CD confuses many. They know its a diplomatic car, but why CD? CD is Corp Diplomat, French for Diplomatic service and an international norm.”

“H / HA are buses, but the H stands for Horrendous driver, and HA for Half Ass driver.”