FLOW to Defer Repairs Until After Hurricane Season

Oct 13, 2017
Basseterre, St Kitts

Hurricanes Irma and Maria damaged many poles and caused outages of Cable, FLOW and electricity. Cable and SKELEC have been able to restore service but many FLOW customers still remain without landline or internet service a month after Maria’s passing. FLOW would like to apologize to customers without service.

“Who needs a landline these days anyway? We offer cellular service and customers should use that until we return service to all customers. We make far more money on cellular calls, so we simply are not in any hurry to restore landline service. Internet is just a fad too and who really needs urgent access to Facebook? These whiny users can use our mobile data if they need Internet.” said Charles “Rotary Dial” Dooglas.

“Meanwhile we are launching FLOW TV service. This will allow us to bill customers for yet more service that we can’t actually provide as it will be delivered over the wires. But we are working to provide access to FLOW TV too so we can charge customers not only for TV service, but mobile data. We see it as a win-win.”

“We do plan to repair the wires, but with double hurricanes Irma and Maria, we have decided to wait until December to make sure no more hurricanes damage our wires. Why bother to fix them when another hurricane might pass and damage them again? Customers in Dominica are still without FLOW service, so why should customers in St Kitts & Nevis expect service to be restored after the extensive damage that occurred on nearby islands? Customers should just be happy they still have a roof and not complain about landline or Internet service.”

Charles “Rotary Dial” Dooglas
Public Relations Manager