Government Proposes “Rock Fall Zone” to Help Traffic Safety

We couldn’t satire this article any better than the facts if we tried. An indent to push a button and maybe a falling cut stone on one’s head too? Seriously?????

Apparently the logic is “We had to build a wall to prevent rocks from falling on peoples heads, but now we need to let them possibly be hit by rocks to be able to push a button, and to even get to this enclave one must tiptoe on a small curb or walk in the street to reach the enclave of death.”

Did we understand that right? Cars or falling rocks…….

Well government, you keep doing your meetings. When someone gets hurt or worse its not like you couldn’t see this coming. Just hope it is not a tourist, or maybe it would be better if it is a tourist, because then they might actually fix it properly.

WinnFM – More Meetings Planned Between National Trust And Public Works

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