Poutine Triangle Discovered in St. Kitts

An area of supernatural occurrences known as the Bermuda Triangle is well known, but lesser known is St. Kitts’ own Poutine Triangle. It is referred to as the Poutine Triangle because the corners of the triangle are Canada Estates, The Canada House, and the Air Canada check in desk at RLB Airport. It has also been likened to a lopsided portion of poutine. The Poutine Triangle is not to be confused with the new Putin Triangle which currently surrounds the American White House.

“We are aware that its not a perfect triangle,” says John “Cashia Bush” Smuthson, the now Master Weed Whacker for PWD, “but we used the same guys to draw this map as we used to paint Cayon Street.” (see PWD Explains New Safety Markings)

“PWD recently started clearing the roads in this area and we’ve made some amazing discoveries of international significance that may really boost our tourism product. Our new rock dodging game at the National Museum has been extremely popular so far and we always welcome new tourist attractions.”

“While clearing in The Poutine Triangle we discovered 4 roads that had been lost. One road even had a family on it that had been living off grid for the last 5 years and commuting to the usable roads by donkey.”

“We also found the missing Malaysia MH370 airplane, Amelia Earhart’s plane, Jimmy Hoffa’s body, and Billy Herbert’s boat.”